Should social media marketing be a part of your SEO strategy?

One of the most important aspects in the online marketing scenario is the Social Media Marketing. This is one facet of internet marketing that one cannot afford to side line. The future of a good website ranking is going to be social media. Most of the seo companies are investing a huge portion of their time and other resources trying to tap the best way to increase the awareness and sales for their clients. Social media is nothing but communicating and sharing information in an informal way. There is no metrics to measure the efforts of social media but the intangible benefits are quite evident.


When social media forms a part of the seo strategies, it usually begins with the opening of a Facebook page or Twitter account with the sole intent to reach as many target audiences as possible.  The whole plan of online social media campaigns then begins to take shape.  However, what most seo professionals fail to bear in mind is that these campaigns should not be restricted to the sole intention of increasing sales.  Interacting with the potential customers too is important so as to get primary insights of what the consumers really want.

It pays to be active on social media to control the criticism or negative feedback if any. One happy customer tells 5 others, but one unsatisfied customer will tell 50 more people and with the internet, it is only a matter of time that those 50 can turn into 5 million.

Since the internet is a sea of information, it is not possible for companies to employ their dedicated resources full time to maintain their brand image online. This is why most companies hire the services of seo professional. Not only to rectify, but concrete social media marketing can also help promote a brand, the intangible effects of which would spill over for the next many years to come.

Social media marketing should also be taken seriously in terms of rank betterment. The more the activities with your potential customers online, the more they share your information and this helps in getting recommended in the eyes of the search engines. This gives your website a good boost and also works towards building and enhancing your brand name. While many debate that social media signals may or may not be the new inbound links, one cannot take the risk of not giving it due importance as well!

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